Van Dutch 40

The Van Dutch 40 purchased as chase boat for larger yacht. The yacht had a full 3M metallic silver hull and superstructure vinyl wrap. The Van Dutch 40 was originally all white but was required to match the ‘mother yacht’.

Upon delivery, the chase boat was put into a boat yard and given full wash and prepared for wrapping. Small areas of damage and imperfections were repaired / rectified. The hull was then cleaned and taped up for vinyl application in three sections. Transom, port side and starboard side.

Using the same 3M metallic silver vinyl as used on the yacht, the Van Dutch 40 chase boat was transformed from its standard white finish to gloss metallic silver to match the ‘mother yacht’.

This total transformation was performed in minimal time, without the environmental impact of the procedures involved with having it painted.

Quick, clean, amazing!