What can you wrap?

Vehicles – bodies and solid interior trim areas. Yachts/boats, tenders and toys – hulls and superstructures, window surrounds and interior paneling. All these areas can be wrapped to refresh or transform their appearance.

How long does a wrap last?

Most high quality wraps will have a life span of 5+ years depending on circumstances, some can last 10+ years. Certain stand out high tech finishes however, may have shorter lifespan of only 2 – 3 years.

What colours and finishes are available?

Vinyls are readily available in just about any colour or finish you can think of. Gloss, matt, metallic, chrome. brushed, carbon, wood, fake leather and animal skin even velvet.

Can it be removed?

Yes it can be removed. A trained applicator will remove your vinyl wrap leaving no trace only your original paint work or gel coat finish.

Will it damage paint work?

No. A vinyl wrap will protect your original paint or gel coat. Prevent fading and help prevent chips and scratches.

Does it require any special maintenance?

No. Soap and water washing is sufficient. Extremely harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided though.

Can I polish vinyl?

Yes. It is possible to polish some vinyls and specific vinyl care polishes can be supplied. Not suitable for textured vinyls.

Is a vinyl wrap a substitute for paint?

No. It is an alternative finish and needs to be thought of as such. Vinyl wrapping is an amazing way of transforming the appearance of something.

Can a vinyl wrap withstand harsh environment?

Yes. A well applied vinyl wrap can keep its ‘new look’ for many years if looked after correctly.

Does vinyl fade like paint?

No. Top quality vinyls are very stable and more fade resistant than most paints.

How difficult is it to prepare a damaged vinyl wrap?

Normally a repair is relatively easy to do. As there is little colour fade the damaged area can be removed and replaced with new vinyl.

Can a vinyl wrap be applied below the waterline of my boat?

Yes. There is an antifouling wrap specially designed for underwater areas of boats as an alternative to antifouling paint. Other vinyls are not suitable for underwater areas.